I'm not new to BMW but I am new to the MSports line and have just purchased a new '04 M3 vert. It is an awesome car and I can hardly wait until I get through the run in period.

Anyway, wanting to have some oil on hand for top offs and for the changes between the dealer schedule ones I starting looking for the recommended oil. Web searches turned up nothing in the USA for the Castrol TWS 10w-60. Very common in Europe but only the BMW dealers in the US are carrying it.

I saw on a few of the forums the guys on the west coast were paying $9.00 a liter. I'm at BMW of Dallas formally John Roberts and it's $11.19/liter. I've got to do better. I left an email to Castrol on their web page and they replied today with an answer confirming BMW is the only importer of the TWS. They also responded with a phone number for the BMW National Distribution Center in New Jersey. I spoke to Bob there and talked about the Castrol oil. He says he is there to service the dealers and couldn't sell directly to me. We discussed pricing and he said the MSPR set by BMW is $8.95.

I'm disappointed to see BMW of Dallas gouging us for $11.19. I made a call to Classic for their price and was even more disgusted, $15.66/liter. Those thieves.... I questioned the man on the phone further and discussed MSRP and his reply was "That's nice but our price is $15.66"

I then spoke to Jeff at Moritz in Arlington and their price is $8.95 just like it should be. He even stated he would give be a small discount if I bought a whole case. Now that's more like it. I'm shopping a Moritz from now on. Don't let the Dallas dealers F___ us anymore.