The goofy bunch of e28 guys in San Diego that Dan, Jeff and Eric like to call pals is putting on another St. Patrick’s Day gathering. But instead of meeting at Mission Bay we will be at Qualcomm Stadium. The local club is sponsoring a track day and there is always a great turn out. Besides, I know there are more than a few of you that have motor oil for blood. Those of us that live on Bloody Mary’s can be found hangin’ around Charles’ car but you may have already knew that.

Next stop is my home just up the hill out of Mission Valley. I have taken pity on my poor brethren and I will not be subjecting anyone to my cooking this year. The checkbook is handling this task and it should be great. Pork ribs, BBQ chicken, pulled pork sandwiches and chili along with a well stocked bar round out the fixin’s. Hmmmm. And perhaps the most important part is the fact that I now have two bathrooms. No more waiting. Hey, what ya expect in a half a million dollar home?

Eric, I may even have a full sized couch for you to take your nap on.

Anyway, ya know where to find us and the fun and I look forward to seeing some old friends.

Saturday March 19th. Qualcomm parking lot in the mid-morning and then off to my house in the early afternoon. After the wimps go home I bust out the good stuff and start the 2nd House Warming/Darin has a new job party. Don’t miss either.

Darin O’ The Glen AKA Elwood (stay tuned)
’87 535iS