I puchased a 4/87 528e for an investment about 6 months ago. It was a work in progress with the motor being replaced but not a finished installation. I had the car repainted while still "on the Blocks" and just recently(two weeks ago) finished connecting up all the wiring and cables and nuts and bolts. Turning the key the motor turns over nicely. There is power at the coil. No spark though. Fuel pump does not pump without jumping the newly replaced relays. position sensors check out proper ohms.

I have heard that Bently makes a good book on diagnosis for this model.
Any good hearted souls out there that can scan and e-mail me a couple of useful pages on tracking down the source of my cars non starting problem?

Ps I do not have the diagnostic testor ...I'm doing this with a volt/ohm meter.


Sean Pinkerton