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    Hey viv! I found something you might find useful


    download the picture resizer power toy
    my korean homepage only allows pix 500kb or less
    i find photoshop annoying when working on multiple pictures
    this will do them all (like click dragging is possible too)
    much easier to post pics :)
    not THAT much of a loss in quality too!

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    Thanks. I'll check it out tomorrow. How's

    Next week I'm taking my son to look at Cal Poly. Don't remember if I told you this already or not.
    Sacramento, CA
    2003 530i Steel Blue Metallic /Gray leather
    AT/PP/SP/CWP/Xenon/Folding Rear Seats/Ultimate Cup Holders/Stongard Headlamp Covers/Stealth rear signal bulbs/50% tint/Saab trunk lid handle/BMWCCA Member/With a Pink Panther on the mirror/E34('91 525i) retired

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    Oh, very nice

    taking pink panther with you I take it?
    My spring break has officially begun.
    Gotta swing by the parts store to get my timing belt / tensioner / and water pump then head to work to get the ball rolling ;[
    Crossing fingers.
    Hoping to leave for LA monday morning, but we shall see.
    Enjoy the trip! I bet he's stoked about college!

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