It was time to change fluid in the tranny and differential lift the car on jacks and started to drain the fluids, I do this every 30K...anyway I went thru my inventory of parts everything was there except the differential drain plugs washers or seals (usually buy them by the dozen). I cringed when I must go to my nearest BMW dealership ($eattle BMW), for a good reason they always charge more than anyone else for service and parts. I needed those washers and drove the 40 minutes to Seattle, while there (dealership) decided to purchased an engine accessory drive belt plus the washers. The washers and belt were more than bargain for, but I was there to buy. Got home and I started to question the price for the above items,...made few calls to the other dealers and guess what $eattle BMW did it again, I was charged $1.05 ea. for the washers, the other dealers asking price $0.50ct ea. and the belt was $4.00 more than other dealers. Sorry I just wanted to vent!!