Assembled masses: this weekend I will be making about a dozen headlight adjuster balljoint collars that another RF poster has asked about. He wants six of them (3 for each headlight) and I was wondering whether anyone else has an interest. The cost is in the range of $4-5 each and I have added a pic of the part I am referring to for reference. Note that this part is NOT included in the adjuster kit from the dealer and in my experience often breaks. I also have no objection to anyone borrowing one and making your own or improving on the design.

The collar can be seen below as the copper cap in the second picture below and in use captures (with 4 set screws) part number 4 on the first picture.

I hope this is not a violation of Board rules, its just a service, covering costs only and there is no competing offeror.

Jon L. Nelson
1992 850i, 6-speed