and the other a stripper. It is shocking how big the nose of the thing is! The bonnet is way taller than my E39'. I'll not comment futher on the looks...

The seats are reminiscent of a mid 80s 3er. The loaded car had alloys, sunroof, I drive, Nav, PDC both front and rear with a display on the screen, and an armrest.

I'm not too sure about the start/stop button. The clutch needs to be depressed to start as well. What is wrong with turning a key?

We did a lap of the 'ring in close proximity with our car in the lead, both three up. At Eschbach I thought that Kurt had suddenly closed the gap, but it turns out it was an M3 CSL that had somehow gotten between us. Needless to say he soon dispatched us as well.

With it's light weight, the car is just calling out for some horsepower to make it fun. Can't wait to try a 130i!