I was just visiting a cousin of mine in CA and mentioned that I have an '84 733i. He says he sold his brother a '75 3.0 Si, which has supposedly now been sitting in a barn in Ohio for many years and is in very good shape with 40k or so miles. I'm pretty sure it's a manual tranny (as is my 733i).

I haven't previously done any research on the E3's, but am considering "rescuing" this car. Anything in particular I should find out about it before hand? I could probably get it pretty cheap, but it's quite a long distance from me (maybe 2k miles), so getting it home one way or another would probably be the main issue. Are the '75 models good or bad for any reason? Any particular problem areas or parts that are difficult to obtain? I've enjoyed my 733i (210k miles), but there is a lot of little electrical stuff that's a pain. I imagine the E3's are somewhat simpler, no?