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    Entry level 3er humiliates the 120d top model both

    BMW 120d vs its toughest competitor:its all new big sister BMW 320d.
    Both use the same 2L 161hp engine and manual 'box.

    Round 1: performance
    The entry level three manages to trash the top-turbocharged 120d both in acceleration (8.1 plays 8.4) and even also in top speed (140 mph plays 136)!
    Winner 3er

    Round 2: handling/ride
    Both have the notorious RF-tyres, which do no favors for the ride quality. 1er is more nimble thanks to its smaller size and slightly lighter weight (only 60 kg less than 3er),but 3er suffers far less from the flawed RF-tyres and provides more comfort and mature driving experience.

    Round 3: interior space
    1er's shorter wheelbase promises cramped interior dimensions,and this area really shows 3er's huge advantage over the older 1er. Even the trunk is bigger in the E90.
    Winner 3er

    Round 4: economy
    Virtually as expensive when new.But being the most expensive model of the 1er range,the 120d suffers from larger depreciation than the all new 320d. 3er offer clearly more value for your .
    Winner 3er

    Round 5: styling
    If you thought the 1er was ugly, just wait until u see the 320d in the metal! 3er's interior follows closely its big sisters 5er and 7er,and is all the worse for it. While certainly no beauty,the 1er's profile is at least refreshingly different from the cab-forward styling of the Focus/Golf/147 etc.
    Winner 1er

    Verdict: 3er is easily the better car,completely destroying the 120d! The arrival of the new E90 has clearly been affecting the 1er sales,and has hurt especially badly the most expensive 1er, the 120d.Maybe the future 1er/2er models (2dr,3dr,4dr,wagon) will be able to restore some of the lost sales.Let's just hope they don't come too late!

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    theyre two different cars actually....

    the 120d definitly needs the 142 rims and xenon to give the car adequate looks for the price and that brings it damn close to the e90 in pricing which has ac and radio as standard,so the actual price difference is just 2k euros.
    On the other hand at least bmw leasing and finance seem to calculate with lower depreciation for the 1er,so lease/finance rates are actually lower and quite competitive overall.
    Im currently in the decision making process for replacing my e46 in summer and was test-seating at my dealer in both cars at the weekend.
    the e90 is great and I really like the interior,1er is much more spartan,but its amazing how sporty the 1er feels inside,both e90 and e46 feel like mainstream family sedans in comparision.Its actually quite difficult not to like the 1er,especially after a test drive.

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    It is unfortunate that every model seems to get

    bigger with each redesign. The 3er seems more like an older 5er now.

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    Einser fahrer
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    There's only one humiliation here...

    And it's you, entirely self-inflicted. What an utter load of piffle you're spouting, man.

    First of all, all size comparisons are moot. They are two different sized cars operating in two different classes. If anyone thinks the Einser is too small, get over it and move on. Either get a Dreier or go to another brand that puts the emphasis on space over driving pleasure. I'm sure Hyundai have just the car at a much more attractive price.

    Now, onto the figures.

    Round 1:
    Both engines are identical and thus <b>both</b> are turbocharged. In the figures you quote 0.3 of a second equals "humiliation"? Quite a novel interpretation of the word, I must say. Likewise top speed. As you probably know aerodynamics are the deciding factor regarding top speed. The 4mph difference could very well be attributed to slightly superrior aerodynamics on the part of the Dreier.

    Round 2:
    Notorious? A notorious value judgment there, nothing quantifiable. Does the Dreier suffer less? I'd be very disappointed if the Dreier wouldn't offer more comfort, it has the longer wheelbase, equally responsible for both the lack of nimbleness and the increase in comfort. A "mature" driving experience is also very subjective but is to be expected from a larger and more expensive car.

    Round 3:
    The Einser is smaller than the Dreier. Nuff said.

    Round 4:
    The Einser is smaller than the Dreier. Nuff said. How can you claim lesser depreciation for the Dreier. It's been introduced in early March. The Einser was introduced on Sept. 18. Too early to say either way. As to value for money, a totally subjective opinion on your part.

    Round 5:
    The mere use of the word ugly suggests subjectivity. Tastes differ, period. The same goes for the interior, "and is all the worse for it". Some people like the less is more styling, you don't, so what.

    Subjective twaddle. Compare like with like. Value judgements such as "completely destroying" undermine your credibility. And yes, that's a value judgement as well.

    Now for the fun part. Sources. Where did you get the information that the arrival of the E90 is "clearly" affecting sales of the E87? Nowhere have I seen this said, furthermore, how can this possibly be proven with a car that's been available for a month versus a car that's been available for almost eight months? It can't. A little snippet of info, the plans for a "2er" designation have been shelved over a year ago. There will be no "2er".

    Lastly, the performance figures you quote, would you care to mention the source? I've got some test results here done by German magazine Auto, Motor und Sport and apart from top speed they paint a different picture.

    120d 320d
    Top speed 220km/h 136.7mph 225km/h 139.8mph

    Acceleration s
    0-80km/h 50mph 5.9 5.8
    0-100km/h 62mph 8.3 8.4
    0-120km/h 74.5mph 12.1 12.2
    0-130km/h 80.7mph 14.1 14.3
    0-140km/h 87mph 16.3 16.6
    0-160km/h 99.4mph 22.7 22.8

    60-100km/h (IV/V G.) 6.8/9.6 7.1/9.9
    80-120km/h (V/VI G.) 9.1/12.4 9.5/13.0

    Interior noise dB(A)
    50km/h 31mph 58 59
    80km/h 50mph 63 63
    100km/h 62mph 64 65
    120km/h 74.5mph 67 68
    130km/h 80.7mph 68 68
    140km/h 87mph 69 68
    160km/h 99.4mph 71 70

    Slalom 18 metres
    Empty/Loaded 63.5/63.2km/h 62.9/62.5km/h

    Elk test
    In 71/70km/h 68/68km/h
    Out 53/51km/h 52/54km/h

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    He probably thinks the new IS350 is....

    much better looking and will kill the new 3 in performance (which it might since it has a 3.5 and not a 3.0L engine). But can anyone say "COPY". If you look at the IS350 it is an obvious copy of the new 3 and I think it is ugly, were as the new 3 has style.

    I love the 1 and can't wait for the coupe version. When I get one it will go great with my 02.


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