Any Advice will help.

Here is my situation, I have 1995 740IL. Last week I started my car and noticed the idle was extremly poor, A few days later I started the car again on a cold start and white smoke came out of the exhaust. Since then ...

-I've ran some BG-44k Which the dealer said they wanted to try, instead I did it myself for quite a bit less. I ran it through and no changed after 500 miles.

-I then changed the plugs, I noticed on the plugs a few of them were oil soaked. I had platnium 4's in there, which i heard don't work well anyways. I put the BMW OEM ones then Supers. Still no change. The idle is still rough, and smoke is still appearent.

I was reading on here One person had this problem and he changed his oil sperator, another was suggested to change his head gasket, and all other seals on the top end of the engine. I'm very fimilar with cars and can do the work myself, but I'm lost at where to go next. I don't want to do any work and notice it didn't work. I truly hope there is someone who can help me. I really appreciate what all the people on here do for each other. It's good to know that there are people other who are willing to help with out money on their mind. Thanks again everyone. please reply to [email protected] or call me at 303-667-5620 I'm free all day.